Sugar Addicts Can Achieve Healthy, FAST Weight Loss

For the past 150 years, scientists have identified carbohydrates/sugar – which elevates the fat-storage hormone Insulin – as the main cause of weight gain. Since the 1980s, Americans have consumed extremely large amounts of sugar, compared to previous decades. Accordingly, the U.S. obesity rate has doubled in the past 30 years, rising 17 percent in 1980 to 34 percent in 2007. Moreover, two-thirds (66%) of adults are now overweight or obese. Medical researchers have recently discovered that refined sugar may be as addictive as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol.Animal studies show that the brains of sugar-addicted rats undergo similar neurochemical changes as the brains of humans addicted to narcotics and alcohol.The addictive nature of refined sugar is likely the main reason that the rate of overweight Americans could rise to 75 percent by 2020, as predicted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. If trends continue, the U.S. obesity rate would be 100 percent by 2048, according to a 2008 study reported in the medical journal Obesity. As early as 2018, America’s obesity rate will rise to 43 percent, says Kenneth Thorpe, Ph.D., Emory University public health professor.Unfortunately, sugar addiction is likely the reason that Dr. Jon Robison, nutritionist Linda Bacon (author of Health At Every Size), and most other obesity researchers, agree that eliminating junk food from one’s diet promotes long-term weight gain and/or dangerous eating disorders. Research shows that dietary restrictions result in 95 to 98 percent of people regaining ALL lost weight. In fact, within five years, 33 to 66 percent of people regain to higher weights!Fortunately, ground-breaking discoveries about the causes of obesity have led to 100% natural, permanent weight loss solutions (e.g. Sophy’s Secrets), which even work for sugar addicts.The above recent discoveries show that sugar addicts can only achieve long-term weight loss by: 1) maintaining a low carb/sugar/chemical diet (i.e. low devitalized/acid waste/”obesogen” diet), and reducing exposure to environmental toxins (e.g. “carcinogens” found in cleaning products that make indoor air up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air), OR 2) eating whatever you want while regularly removing dietary and environmental toxins from the body and consuming fat-burning minerals that refined sugar has leached from the body.Such detoxification and nutrient replenishment is as simple as consuming capsules of herbal intestinal cleansers, tonic (i.e. bidirectional), liquified herbs, oxygenated water, and “subtle-energized” minerals as well as sniffing certain essential oils and replacing toxic household cleaners with a multipurpose one that’s completely nontoxic yet highly effective.In the 1900s, the average American consumed 5 pounds of (natural/mildly addictive) sugar per year and few people were obese or had any of the chronic diseases prevalent today. By 1990, the average American consumed 109 pounds of (refined/artificial/highly addictive) sugar per year and by 2010, that figure was 150 pounds.A 2008 report stated that Princeton University scientists were able to induce withdrawal symptoms in rats by taking away their sugar/sucrose supply. Symptoms included anxiety, teeth chattering, unusual reluctance to explore their environment, and increased interest in consuming alcohol. After the rats were denied sugar for a prolonged period, the researchers found the rats worked harder to obtain it and consumed more than ever before.Refined sugar is so addictive because it’s a pure chemical (i.e. a drug); its chemical formula is C12H22011. Unsurprisingly, the chemical structure for refined sugar is very similar to alcohol (C2H5OH). As with all drug addictions, the addict must take increasingly greater amounts of the drug to obtain desired effects. Over time, withdrawal symptoms for highly addictive drugs become more severe when the brain doesn’t receive a “hit” for a prolonged period of time.The unique, powerful formulas of the above 100% natural weight loss solutions enable adults (and children) to begin losing weight without diet or exercise changes – within only 7 days! These weight loss solutions help the body to achieve the following results:gentle, daily detoxification (including removal of parasites, undigested proteins, mucous, old fecal matter, heavy metals, and environmental toxins from intestinal tract; removal of toxins from connective tissue, body fluid, and cell membrane receptor sites; elimination of refined sugar-induced acid waste from fat cells),
nutrient replenishment with uncontaminated whole food concentrates, oxygenated water containing super-energized minerals and organics as well as tonic herbs, essential oils,
restoration of metabolic and hormonal systems, including those that support sound sleep and a reduction in stored fat,
normalization of taste buds that have been desensitized to delicious flavors of real food by refined sugar and bad bacteria,
reduction of appetite and increased energy through cleaner, thinner, and less sticky blood, which can then efficiently deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells,
lean muscle mass development and bone strengthening,
immune system and central nervous system revitalization that leads to the improved cellular functioning as well as
air purification (indoors) through a completely nontoxic yet powerful household cleaner (the body stores inhaled toxins in fat cells).Man-made chemicals compromise the body’s fat-burning biochemical mechanisms so only 100% natural substances can reverse the dramatic rise in America’s sugar-induced rise in obesity rates. Like those for alcohol and many pharmaceuticals, white sugar withdrawal symptoms include lack of motivation, irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, inconsistency in thoughts and actions, and emotional outbursts. Refined sugar has what alternative obesity researchers call a “two-hour cycle.”Basically, sugar addicts need to eat sugar about every two hours or they’ll start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. That’s probably the true reason healthcare professionals (conventional and nontraditional) advise their clients to eat something every 2-3 hours. There is no credible scientific evidence that such constant eating significantly benefits health. However, it’s the advice sugar addicts want to hear. For most of humanity’s history, people were hunter/gatherers or farmers. Everyone worked hard all day long and ate one large, evening meal.Two centuries ago, eating three or more times a day was a luxury only the wealthy could afford. In the early 1900s, Western societies began accommodating a large middle class and members of this class began eating not only dinner, but also breakfast and lunch. However, human DNA/genes evolved on a one-meal-a-day diet, which enables the body to rest from food digestion and efficiently engage in repairing its biochemical mechanisms. With a sufficient amount of protein and saturated fat in one’s diet, eating one meal a day should not involve significantly noticeable hunger signals.Of course, the first 2-3 weeks on a one-meal-a-day “lifestyle change” may result in strong hunger signals throughout the day. However, once the person adjusts to such a change, he or she will be able to enjoy the health and weight loss benefits of “short period/daily” fasting. This type of lifestyle change enables the body to:Break down fat reserves and release stored toxins
Lower cravings for nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar and other drugs.
Improve and invigorate digestion and waste elimination.
Resolve inflammatory processes that have led to problems such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Start quieting allergies that cause asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, hives, insomnia, and migraine headaches.
Dry up abnormal fluid accumulations in the ankles, legs, and abdomen.
Normalize blood pressure.
Clear acne and whiten the eyes.
Normalize taste buds that have been a) distorted by secondary taste buds produced by bad bacteria and b) desensitized to the flavors of real food (e.g. grassfed meat/fat, fresh vegetables, etc.) and hyper-sensitized to the taste of chemical food (e.g. refined sugar and other chemicals in processed food).Eating one meal day will speed the health and weight loss benefits derived from the above 100% natural products. A person who eats multiple times a day and consistently uses the products will experience the same benefits, but at a slower pace. However, eating multiple times a day tends to increase the quantity of refined carbs/sugar consumed. Consequently, multiple-meal eaters will need to use greater quantities of the aforementioned 100% Natural Products to counteract the effects of refined sugar.Refined sugar enters the body through enzyme-less processed food (i.e. practically everything sold in a box, can, or bag) and promotes weight gain because refined sugar has the following effects on the body:Leaches Minerals from Organs – Minerals are needed in the blood to balance the acidic effects of sugar/glucose. The bloodstream must be slightly alkaline at all times or death would occur within seconds. Elevated blood sugar leads to mineral deficiencies, which prevent fat-burning biochemical processes. Further, sugar/glucose spikes blood Insulin and Cortisol, which are hormones that stimulate the body to store fat.
Feeds Harmful Bacteria that Create Havoc in the Body – Microbes cannot metabolize fat and thrive on sugar. Refined sugar weakens the immune system by leaching vitamins and minerals from organs. Strengthened by the sugar, bad bacteria can quickly multiply, leach vitamins and minerals from healthy cells, kill good bacteria, weaken the immune system, and colonize weak organs, which can lead to them becoming chronically diseased.
Desensitizes taste buds to Flavors of Real Food – This leads to preferences for refined carbohydrates, which are converted into fatty acids by the liver and stored in FAT cells as saturated fat! Conversely, a high-fat and protein diet promotes fat burning and prevents diabetes and heart disease. Sugar molecules are the dietary cause of coronary heart disease and diabetes because unlike large, FAT molecules, sugar molecules are small enough to clog arteries. After sugar has led to clogged arteries, cholesterol can stick to these malformed arteries.
Leads to Hormone Imbalances – Refined sugar elevates Leptin, Ghrelin, Insulin, and Cortisol Levels. Too much Leptin and Ghrelin = increased appetite; too much Insulin and Cortisol = Stored FAT. This hormonal abnormality is linked to heart disease and affects 10 to 20 percent of women in their lifetimes. In spite of a low-calorie diet, people with this metabolism-lowering condition find it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it.
Increases Appetite – A high-fat meal can provide energy for 16 or more hours while a high-sugar meal provides energy for only about 2 hours. Thus, a person must consume many more calories throughout a 24-hour period to maintain adequate energy levels.
Lowers Energy – Refined sugar provides a short-term boost in energy. However, the body quickly releases Insulin, which rapidly lowers blood sugar levels, causing a sharp drop in energy and endurance. Refined sugar makes blood thick and sticky, reducing oxygen to cells, and inhibiting much of the blood flow into the minute capillaries that supply gums and teeth with vital nutrients. Also, reduced blood flow deprives mitochondria (the body’s energy factories) of its preferred energy source – oxygen. Mitochondria can burn sugar for energy but then cells lose protection from bad bacteria and fungi, which cannot live in high-oxygen environments. In fact, Dr. Tullio Simoncini says cancer cells are simply human cells that have been invaded by fungi. He is the author of Cancer is a Fungus.
Disrupts Brain Chemistry in a Way that Creates Cravings for Refined Sugar – Refined sugar affects the brain in a similar manner as narcotics. A person can become addicted to sugar’s stimulation of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, opioid, and dopamine. The brain becomes increasingly unable to properly regulate hormones that control appetite and stimulate FAT burning.In general, the body craves refined sugar every two hours. If it’s consumed, the mineral-leaching… immune-system-weakening… acid-waste-creating… disease-promoting… hormone-imbalancing… appetite increasing… energy-busting… FAT-storing… Refined Sugar Two-Hour Cycle begins again.Fortunately, the metabolic disturbances created by refined sugar can be reversed with 100% natural products that detoxify the body and replenish its nutritional reserves. Unfortunately, few people know about these products because highly effective, uncontaminated (i.e. no chemical toxins) weight loss products tend to be developed and manufactured by small, private firms and sold (usually online) through personal recommendations.Dr. Paula F. Baillie-Hamilton explained that chemical toxins [including sucrose] are the likely cause of America’s skyrocketing obesity rates, in her ground-breaking 2002 Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine report “Chemical Toxins: A Hypothesis to Explain the Global Obesity Epidemic.”Moreover, Dr. Joyce Marshall has compellingly challenged the allopathic medicine standard that that acute and chronic illnesses are caused by external microorganisms, which must be eliminated with toxic pharmaceuticals. In her 1997 article “The Germ Theory of Disease Is One of the False Foundations of Modern Medicine,” she stated that micro-organisms are “pleomorphic” (i.e. they evolve/change form), changing from beneficial microbes within the body to harmful ones as a person consistently consumes devitalized food (i.e. a dead organic matter/refined carbs).According to Dr. Marshall’s article, obesity and chronic illnesses can be overcome by maintaining a “pure bloodstream, free unimpeded circulation of all body fluids, and unobstructed excretion… The key point is that it is the diseased toxemic condition, where the body is overwhelmed with poisonous waste, which creates an environment favorable to the mutation of [internal] bacteria into those commonly associated with particular diseases.”Many people in the general public still believe the recently discredited conventional medicine fallacy that DNA/genes cause obesity and chronic illness. However, this may soon change as many conventional medical researchers now accept Dr. Bruce Lipton’s declarations that DNA/genes cannot produce disease-promoting proteins unless they are adversely affected by environmental factors.In his 2005 book, “The Biology of Belief,” Dr. Lipton wrote that biology’s Central Dogma was flawed because genes have no innate ability to express themselves. He stressed that something in the environment has to trigger gene activity. He explained that until recently, conventional scientists had ignored this fact, which had been established by frontier scientists.Dr. Lipton noted that epigenetics, the study of the molecular mechanisms by which environment controls gene activity, is one of the fastest-growing areas of scientific research. Science Journalist Gary Taubes is another 21st century, pioneer researcher.In his 2007 easy-to-read 500-page book “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” he explained that high-calorie diets do not cause obesity or heart disease, unless those calories derive from carbohydrates, particularly refined sugar. He wrote that 150 years of scientific research shows that it’s virtually impossible for a person to gain weight on an all-meat/fat diet. In fact, human populations throughout the world (e.g. traditional Eskimos, the African Masai, arctic people in Canada, Europe, and Russia, etc.), that consume all-meat/fat diets are universally fit with virtually no experience with chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.The above health research pioneers have replaced traditional health and weight loss paradigms (e.g. high-fat, high-calories diets and inactivity cause weight gain, etc.) with radically new ones (e.g. nutrients in + toxins out = healthy weight loss!) that are poised to end the skyrocketing obesity and chronic disease epidemics in the United States.